Finding a new job is an adventure, you don’t know where it will lead you!

Changing career can be one of the lowest points in our life. We are not sure where we are going. There are so many inhibitions and what ifs. What if your former job is better than the new one? What about your future colleague, will you belong? The salary, is it enough to support your growing needs? These questions are very disturbing unless we are prepared of looking for greener pasture.

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Years of Experience recommended:8 years

Finding a new job requires patience and perseverance.

The unemployment rate is expected to reach records this year. A great number of people will have to mobilize for finding a new job. But how to ensure that your CV stands out from other candidates? How to identify your strengths? Those who do not know where to start finding a new job will find the following guide quite useful.

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The secrets of finding a new job

When you lose your job, an adjustment period is necessary before finding a new job. Dismissal is generally experienced as such an event is difficult to digest, let alone when one has spent his entire career in the same company or sector.

Finding a new job is also not always easy. It requires a lot of preparation, time, knowledge and expertise. In addition, even if being armed with all these advantages, you are told that your skills are not enough, you might have a moral shock. This is understandable.

However, job seekers should keep hopes alive at all costs. To ten people who leave the labour market, only eight will be ready to replace them. Those who lose their jobs today are virtually assured of finding a new job soon.

Seek your professional network, receive training, re-form, write a resume solid, identify your strengths and your weaknesses, etc. That’s fine for finding a new job. But in which direction you prefer to go? How should a good resume look like? What are your strengths and your weaknesses? How do you handle a job interview for finding a new job? Job seekers are faced with many questions.

What can you do and not do? Visit a career center

If you are struggling when it comes to finding a new job, you may know yet exactly which one is most suited to your skills. Unless you’re looking at it quite differently from that in which you graduated. Vocational guidance in this case can be helpful. If you wish, you can go to a centralized policy, which welcomes other job seekers in the same situation as you and helps them finding a new job.

The first phase is to identify your skills, values, interests and personal skills. You define what you are looking first. Once you have pinpointed these aspects, you can browse the list of occupations that match those expectations and define your target for finding a new job. Then, with the help of an assistant, you will study ways to achieve it: vocational training, learning the techniques of loading, etc.. You’ll also be able to study the ground and know exactly what the job you aspire to exercise. The duration of this orientation is determined in consultation with your assistant, but it usually runs at least two weeks.

When finding a new job, you often seem to be alone with the problem. Yet job seekers have the opportunity to ask for help to many organizations when it comes to finding a new job. Monitoring the reintegration of jobseekers is a possibility. You will learn, along with other job seekers, what is expected of you in a real professional situation, how you should behave with co-workers and superiors, how to improve your confidence and how to present yourself positively. It is moreover possible to follow an individual training, combined with an internship, so you can gain work experience and increase the chances of finding a new job.

Applications do not work? Join a club that supports the unemployed

In this kind of club, you become familiar with the solicitation techniques together with other job seekers: job searching techniques, writing a convincing letter of application, managing maintenance, etc. This type of training may take anywhere from week and for two weeks.

Another thing that you may find helpful when finding a new job is getting a degree. We live in a world in which many of the best jobs require a degree in order for an applicant to be considered. Even if you do not have a degree from a university, you should know that it is not too late to get one. You can actually increase your chances of finding a new job by buying an online degree that will offer you something to stand out from the crowd of applicants. It does not really matter if you do not have the time or money to pursue a traditional degree. What is important is that you will have a degree that will help you finding a new job more easily than you have ever thought.

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